Content Curator, Karin Schultz, M.A. (University of Toronto) President of iwritegreatcopy, Karin specializes in developing creative content and communications strategies for the internet. With over 18 years as the publisher of the Natural Health Products Report, a trade magazine, I specialize in the health and wellness market. I  also have a Certificate of Achievement in Integrated Online Strategies from the University of San Francisco.

My goal at iwritegreatcopy is to make the invisible, visible. With over 6 billion searches done per day globally, and 95 percent of these searches utilizing a search bar, writing for online venues is a specialized field which requires a knowledge of how to structure written content for both organic and paid search. If the search engines can't find your business, then neither will potential customers.

Using SEO techniques to write content, increases traffic to your site as well as improves the time people spend on your site. Creating SEO-generated content that improves the online visibility of your company and motivates people to" Click", "Tweet" or "Like You", is what I do at iwritegreatcopy.

When it comes to the 5 percent of the market which relies on paid search to drive traffic, keyword research is even more critical as those 3 to 4 line ads can be very costly. If your online advertising is not working, I can help you design or revise your keyword strategy to improve your company's online visibility.

Whether you rely on organic or paid search, or whether your site is informational or e-commerce, I can help you develop a communications strategy which turns browsers into potential buyers, nudging people down your sales funnel to checkout. If an offer isn't working, or a page isn't "Clicking" or "Liking", I'll work with you to solve the problem and improve your digital ROI.

If you have been disappointed with the writers you've hired in the past, here's my FREE 7-STEP GUIDE that will walk you through the process in finding and hiring the right writer for your project.  Hiring a writing pro who knows your industry and values your business is the key in receiving quality content and creating the basis for a good working relationship.

Save time, money and get the traffic your site deserves by hiring a pro. For your free copy, use this 7-STEP GUIDE LINK  to request your copy, and I will email the PDF.

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 Emerging Insights, Liz Wilson, B.A., 
As the president of Emerging Insights, an accounting firm based in Burlington, ON, Liz Wilson assists both small business and individuals with all matters financial. Her company provides a wide range of services: everything from day-to-day bookkeeping and tax preparation and filing, to long-term financial planning.

"At Emerging Insights, we focus on providing a reliable and secure service for all your financial needs. If needed, we will also pick up your books and deliver your statements to your door", says Liz.

Emerging Insights offers a free, no-obligation assessment of your finances. To take advantage of the offer, contact Marlene McMahon at Customer Service, at 289-426-1366, or visit their website at for more details.


iPage Hosting Since 1998
One of the top hosting companies on the web, iPage has a robust platform with plenty of features to build, market and grow your website. iPage is the go-to host for beginners with no or little coding experience. Whether you need a static information site, blog, or if you want to launch an online store, iPage offers a wide variety of services to suit every budget. Step-by-step training videos help to get you started. They have a wide variety of site-building tools, such as a drag and drop website builder, access to hundreds of WordPress themes including responsive themes that adjust to laptop, tablet and cellphone. iPage also has an online store builder with integrated PayPal, making it easy to launch your business. And for mobile users, there's goMobi.

To promote your venture, they offer marketing credits to give your site online exposure.Customizable email addresses with your name. Wondering about security? iPage offers a security suite which includes free daily backups, malware scans, spam scans and network monitoring. They have fast 24/7 technical and chat support to help you out of a jam and knowledgeable staff if you are using the WordPress content management system. Click the affiliate link below and take advantage of their special introductory offer.