Internet Marketing Strategies for Health & Wellness

Home Sweet Home

Iwritegreatcopy, but that’s not all! Specializing in helping small businesses with their marketing communications, my ace is devising natural health and wellness online marketing communications strategies.

Internet Marketing Solutions

Joined the internet age, but your site has zero response?  Don’t despair, if you’re interested in getting more juice out of your online properties, our Internet Marketing Communications Strategy Report can evaluate what you’ve done right, what’s gone wrong and why traffic is heading elsewhere.

There are many reasons why people have difficulty finding your site. You may have come to the realization that having great content helps, but unless your online properties are optimized using Search Engine Optimization (SEO), your message will have limited distribution.

If you’ve not done the keyword research, don’t worry, iwritegreatcopy can do it for you. How convenient is that: a writer and SEO consultant, all-in-one package!

Content Creation & Management

Oh yes, did I mention creative? Content that’s moviates, page design, navigation, messaging and graphics all matter when engaging an audience. Iwritegreatcopy for all types of content: blog articles, landing pages, reports, email promotions, PR and more.

Dreaming up catchy messages, titles and promotions that will tickle those keyboard ivories and build your brand is the house specialty. For project and hourly rates tell us your headaches and Request-A-Quote today.

Getting recognition also means optimizing offpage factors.  Need a link building strategy that gets you connected to other online properties? To build credibility, your message needs to be consistent across all online channels. I can help. For information, insights, case studies and more, visit my IM Blog.

Iwritegreatcopy can help you build a positive brand experience for viewers, so if your project needs a writer, SEO consultant and a marketing maniac, drop me a line at report@iwritegreatcopy.com for a free 1/2 hour consultation. 


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